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Your unique all-inclusive stay at Terra Nova - El Nido private beach resort is supporting Palawan's local populations... Giving them access to healthcare, education and economic prosperity...




While preserving the pristine environment, of this unspoiled paradise. Uniting people and nature, together.


Renaissance and visionary French businessman Guy Mazzoni, created Terra Nova - El Nido private beach resort in 2014.

His success was built around international trading in China and real estate investment in Hong Kong, Vietnam, China and the Philippines. Mr. Mazzoni has recruited trusted associates from his international and local network as supporters of this new amazing venture.


Guy Mazzoni's Filipino venture first private property, Terra Nova - El Nido, is based in the Philippines, a country which Mr. Mazzoni and his wife Yanyan have formed a deep emotional connection with in recent years. Despite all the economic and climatic hardships the country has faced, its people remain profoundly generous and kind-hearted. He wants the country to have its moment in the spotlight amongst other economically successful South Asian countries.  


Terra Nova - El Nido private beach resort is located in El Nido on the island of Palawan, a location registered as a Unesco World Heritage site. By acquiring several islands and plots of land on coastal areas in this idyllic corner of Asia, the very innovative resort venture hopes to protect the region from the economic disparity created by mass tourism, by opening a uniquely operated private resort with an offer of sustainable activities around.


Unlike other major local and international real estate groups specializing in intensive development and profitability at all costs, Guy Mazzoni and his team have opted for a humanitarian approach by developing eco-tourism activities and investing in the local population. It plans to establish free training schools for locals who can eventually work for the private domain, as well as other local luxury hoteliers. 


Terra Nova - El Nido also plans to establish local sustainable agriculture, apiculture and seafood farms in the region. Professional volunteers from around the world will be invited for 6-12 month programs to train locals in global sustainable agriculture/apicultural/fish farming practices. The goods produced from these farms will be used at the Terra Nova - El Nido private resort and also sold to other local luxury hoteliers and beach resorts.


By these means, the impoverished local people of the surrounding villages will be given a chance at a better life.

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